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Belgium in Pakistan and Afghanistan

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Due to security threats, the Belgian government had to stop the evacuation from Kabul International Airport. Belgium continues to work with its partners to find a solution for Belgians and beneficiaries in Afghanistan.

Due to the large number of calls and e-mails, it is possible that the communication lines are sometimes busy.  We advise you to try again.  We ask you to contact us as much as possible by e-mail.

To Belgians and entitled persons in Afghanistan: if you have already contacted the Embassy and your details have been recorded, your request will be followed up.  Unless you have new information, there is no need to send a reminder.
Please stay informed of all evolutions.

All other customers of the Embassy in Pakistan are asked to be patient and understand the longer waiting times in these exceptional moments.

Are you in Belgium? Please do not call the Embassy in Islamabad with any questions regarding the evacuation. You can contact the Crisis Centre of the FPS Foreign Affairs at +32 2 501 4000.

Are you a Belgian who has recently moved to Pakistan or Afghanistan and would like to register with the Embassy in Islamabad? Did you lose your passport while you were travelling through Pakistan or Afghanistan as a tourist? Do you need to request a visa in order to travel to Belgium? Then you’ve come to the right address.

This website will keep you up to date on consular matters that are specifically applicable to Belgians in Pakistan and Afghanistan, current events in Belgian foreign policy and other useful information or events.



26 Jan

On Thursday 26 January 2023, the charter of Philip of Alsace, Count of Flanders, which was kept in the Benedictine Abbey of Messines (Mesen) in West Flanders, and which had disappeared at the beginning of the First World War, was officially handed over to the State Archives of Belgium. The charter had resurfaced at The Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York City (The Met) in December 2016. In early 2020, The Met agreed return this precious document, which is part of our cultural heritage, to Belgium.

19 Jan

Belgium will send 3,000 tons of salt to Ukraine to deice public roads in the current winter conditions.

12 Jan

In 2023, the FPS Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation is recruiting to strengthen its services, both in Brussels and abroad.

18 Dec

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on Belgian nationals visiting Iran to leave the country as soon as possible in view of the increased risk of arbitrary detention in the light of the current deterioration of the security situation throughout Iran.

12 Dec

This year, Belgium has allocated 1,637,000 euros to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for the prevention of nuclear proliferation and the promotion of nuclear cooperation in the fields of medicine, scientific research and of farming.