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Identity cards

Belgians registered at the Belgian Embassy in Islamabad can apply for an identity card. There are two types:

  • e-ID for adults and children from 12 years onwards (20 euros). This card has a validity of six years for applicants from 12 to 18 years old, a validity of ten years for applicants between 18 and 75 years and a validity of 30 years for applicants of  75 years old or older.
  • Kids-ID for children under 12 years (10 euros). This card has a validity of three years.

According to European regulation, all identity cards issued by EU Member States must contain the fingerprints of 2 fingers by mid-2021.

As of Monday, June 21, 2021, you will have to come in person, after making an appointment, to the Consulate General of Belgium in Islamabad to obtain an electronic identity card (e-ID) or a Kids-ID (if your child is 6 years old or older).

Please submit the following pieces:

  • the form (in French, Dutch or German), filled out and signed. There is a special form for children under 12 (in French, Dutch or German). Don’t forget to mention the desired main language of the card. Please sign in the appropriate box in black ink. Children aged 6 should enter their name or signature in the box themselves.
  • letter signed by both parents for the application of an identity card for all minors (under 18).
  • the exact amount in cash: 20 euros for an e-ID for adults and children from 6 onwards and 10 euros for a Kids-ID for children under 12.
  • your previous identity cards.
  • two recent passport photos which meets the set standards (45 mm on 35 mm) in colour or black and white on even white background. Photos in black and white are accepted for identity cards but not for passports. More information about the standards for photos on the following links: in French - in Dutch. Please do not stick the photos to the form.