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Visas for Belgium and Luxembourg

The Embassy of Belgium in Islamabad issues visas (short stay and long stay) for Belgium and for Luxembourg

Important notice

Procedure, temporary suspension and timeline for visa applications through Visa Application Centres


1. A significant change has been made to the appointment system. As a temporary measure, an appointment has to be made with the VAC prior to submitting the application. 

It has been observed that part of the daily appointments given are not used by the applicants who have registered. In order to remedy this situation, if you have to give up your appointment, you are urged to cancel it (at least 24 hours before).

This small gesture will allow another applicant to have an appointment, which was not available until the time of your cancellation. The goal is indeed not to deprive other requesters of our services if you have to give it up.

In the event of a no-show on the day of the appointment, and without appropriate cancellation, you will only be able to obtain a new appointment after a period of one month.

2. For Afghan nationals : the Embassy of Belgium in Islamabad is the only reference for applying for all types of visas for Afghan nationals living in Afghanistan and Pakistan.



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