Embassy of Belgium in Pakistan

Online Visa Application Procedure

The visa application forms (short stay and long stay) have to be filled out online and submitted electronically. You can find more details via the following link: www.belgiumvisa-pakistan.com.

The online visa application procedure is as follows:

  1. The applicant / head of family creates an account at the following address: https://visaonweb.diplomatie.be/
  2. Fill out and send the electronic visa application form from this website
  3. The applicant receives a copy of the visa application form at the email address mentioned in his/her account.
  4. Please print the form and go to the Visa Application Center you have chosen in your application. Make sure to bring the required supporting documents and the visa & service fees. An appointment at the Visa Application Center can be made through the website of Gerry’s.
  5. At the visa application center, your picture will be taken live (all applicants) and fingerprints will be taken if required.
  6. Your visa application will be processed at the Belgian Embassy.
  7. You can follow the status/evolution of your application on the following links:
    -  Gerry’s: www.belgiumvisa-pakistan.com/ (Track your application)
    -  Belgian Ministry of Interior: ODE - FR or DVZ - NL

(please type “Islamabad” + the file number mentioned on your online application form).

Please note that:

a) The account you have created can be used later for further applications.

b) From this account, you can complete and send different visa application’s forms (for all the members of your family, for example).

c) The visa application form you have created electronically is valid for 30 days. If during that time, you haven’t been at the Visa Application Center to confirm your application, your visa application form will be deleted.